De Papiersnijderij (own project)
Project: Different branding assets: all on- and offline communication, company branding, website and webshop design, product design, photography.

Have you ever run late for a birthday party and forgotten to get a gift... or gotten a voucher and you unearthed it from your paper pile a month after the expiry date? 
Yeah... I was in the same position over and over again... and that is how I came up with the idea of creating "money gift cards". Making it less awkward to just gift a person money and having them choose whatever they want to buy with it. 
I wanted to create several cards for different occasions and have the money be a part of the design. By using cut-outs, the colourful bills made the cards light up and create a cheerful vibe. The giver`s choice of bills determined the color of the card. Therefore I kept the design of the cards simple and plain, and used a slightly off-white paper. All of the cards were hand-finished and came with a square envelope in craft paper.
Aside from designing the cards, I also did all the branding, photography and marketing myself. 
The cards were sold in shops in Belgium, and could be bought online on the website.
In the beginning of 2020 I decided to end this wonderful project due to a move abroad. But I still have my own personal stock for special occasions. Or at least for those occasions when I forgot to buy a gift ;)

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