Client: DPG media
Assignment: Create physical backdrop for TV show Set
The challenge for this assignment lay mostly in the source photo's I had to work with. The client could only provide non-professional taken pictures in different sizes and qualities and wanted uniformity. 
Some of the pictures were headshots, others had different backgrounds, were underexposed, one was in black and white... and then they were all sorts of varying sizes.
The first thing I did was think of a way to create uniformity in these pictures and think of how they could function as a backdrop for a television show. To get more uniformity in the pictures, I first converted them all to black and white and cropped them roughly as head shots. Since the television show was with and for kids, I wanted to create a colourful and fun experience, so I decided to work with color overlays for the black and white pictures.The different images were then printed on 5mm forex and placed in a composition to form the backdrop of the set. The show aired in 2019 in Belgium.

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