Client: VIAA (now Meemoo)
Assignment: Create and execute concept
For years, VIAA had the idea to create a website to help people to identify their audiovisual materials. They asked me to help make this idea a reality. I started by drawing out decision trees and wireframing, thinking of how the right questions could lead the visitor to a correct answer. For instance questions that ask about the shape, size or color of the audiovisual carrier.
I then went around archives to photograph all different kinds of audiovisual carriers, drafting the texts for the website and coordinating a translation agency and web designer Sofie Verhoeve to get the project delivered by the set deadline. 
In October 2018, VIAA got to launch the website. The website now helps people identify their audiovisual carriers, assess whether they have a heritage value and give advice on how to digitise these carriers and how the resulting files should be preserved. Indirectly, the site raises the awareness about audiovisual heritage and brings specialised professional knowledge much closer to a general audience.

The project was awarded with the 2019 FIAT/IFTA Excellence in Media Preservation Award:​​​​​​​
You can visit the website here:

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